Our Technology

We use our In-Vehicle Management systems to track, monitor and optimise the performance of our fleet and drivers. This next-generation safety software provides us with invaluable driver information and allows us to improve vehicle milage per litre, report on risk and safety scores in real time and reduce fuel and operating costs. With this system we are able to provide and monitor:


Fuel Consumption

Regular maintenance, pre-journey inspections, route optimisation and top quality technology all combine to ensure you save more and spend less!


Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking with real time alerts enable us to quickly and easily identify areas where we can improve both safety and performance.


Route Optimisation

We know the best routes to optimise your journey for speed and efficiency. Save on time and fuel costs and get to your destination on time.


In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

With on-the-road coaching, our system alerts drivers to unsafe driving events and provides audio guidance on how to improve driver behaviours.


Verification of Kilometres

Want to know how far you’ve come? Our systems tracks each kilometre so that you know the exact distance of each journey, from start to finish.


Accident Detection

Our systems feature breakthrough accident protection as well as trip, activity, safety and risk reporting and UHF two way communication systems. Safety first!


Engine Warning Lights

In addition to pre-journey inspections and regular maintenance, each vehicle is fitted out with indicators that display warnings and notifications ahead of time


Start and Stop Times

Built-in navigation systems monitor the activities of each vehicle, providing a wealth of information to optimise planning, including start and stop times during the journey.


Accurate Engine Diagnostics

We take care of our vehicles so they take care of us! While we perform regular maintenance checks and inspections, we also use technology to ensure every box is ticked before a journey begins.