About Pilbara Car and Truck Rentals

It’s All About Servicing Clients

In essentials, the challenges of business today are perhaps not so different in nature than in years gone by: we want to provide quality services to valued clients, we need to constantly and consistently innovate and improve our practices, we engage in a competitive marketplace, we seek to make beneficial partnerships and fairly provide for those we employ, we want to maximise profits, reduce costs and lower the impact of our industry on the land we love and call home. The degree of difficulty may have increased but, essentially, the challenges haven’t changed – the solutions have. That’s where we come in.

Pilbara Car and Truck Rentals has been around long enough to see it all. While others have come and gone, we have remained in the Pilbara region for over 10 years, consistently providing quality solutions to an ever increasing clientele. Just like you, we’ve been hard at work, refining our practices, increasing both the quality and range of our services and assets, and increasing our staff base in order to keep doing what we do best – providing quality, innovative transport solutions in the Pilbara Region.

Who We Are

Not just another hire company, we’re experts in customising solutions to fit your needs. We’re proud to be an Australian-owned business that’s recognised as one of the largest, most reliable bus and vehicle hire and charter providers in the Pilbara Region, with competitive rates, quality service delivery and a reputation for being the best in the business.

We don’t just throw you the keys to the nearest vehicle and leave you to work the details out alone – we ask questions about your goals and we work with you to ensure that you achieve your operational goals.

At Pilbara Car and Truck Rentals, we provide an adaptive and reliable service managed by expert staff who have been handpicked for their industry knowledge, unique skill set and proven track records. In short, you’re in expert hands as we customise a transport solution for your unique business and operations.