Our Values

Safety, Quality & The Environment

At Pilbara Car and Truck Rentals, we ensure the quality and safety of our vehicles, drivers and clients by investing in training to ensure we meet the highest quality standards, use the most innovative, efficient practices and offer the best services. Using technology such as in-vehicle management systems inclusive of GPS tracking with real time alerts, in-vehicle driver coaching, breakthrough accident protection as well as trip, activity, safety and risk reporting and UHF two way communication systems, we put the safety of our clients, their passengers and our drivers at the forefront of our solutions.

Mechanical servicing and repairs are conducted routinely across our fleet to ensure peak performance, safety and overall vehicle reliability. Our experienced mechanical teams carry out all of our servicing, diagnostics, auto electrical work, air conditioning servicing, brake testing, gearbox works and all other vehicle manufacturer logbook servicing requirements.

In addition, our experienced drivers are mandated to carry out pre-journey inspections wherein items such as tyres, lights, emergency equipment, fluid levels and overall body checks are completed to reduce breakdowns and circumvent mechanical issues and also to ensure the safety for passengers and themselves.

We work with our clients to determine not only how we can help minimise their costs but also how we minimise our environmental impact. Not only do we know and advise the best routes to use less fuel for our clients and the environment, we also use technology to minimise our impact through the implementation and use of: fuel efficient vehicles and fully-equipped, environmentally-friendly wash bays, which adhere to strict compliance codes. We use high-pressure cleaners that allow for minimal water usage, oily water separators and in addition, we ensure water recycling and the environmentally safe disposal of fluids at all our workshops.